What It Is (a Valentine's Day song)

by Darrell Elmer Rodgers

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Each year I write a song for my Bride for Valentine's Day. This year is themed around that old cliche' "It is what it is" - perhaps the most opaque saying in American speech. But it conveys an acceptance of what ever we're seeing at the time, and that's what this song conveys - acceptance of love. And not melodramatic love, but heart-felt love revealed in lines like "talk with her about something real" , "or watch TV with her and laugh out loud" and "just being with her makes me proud. Yep, that's it. It is What It Is!


What It Is - Copyright 2016 Darrell Elmer Rodgers

What is this feeling that's come over me?
My ways are changing and so rapidly
I used to run around all over town
staying out until the bars close down

But now I find that's kind of lost appeal
I'd rather talk with her about something real
Or watch TV with her and laugh out loud
just being with her makes me proud

~chorus 1~
It is what it is, and its kinda rough
I can't fight this feeling cause its way too tough
Instead I'm thanking my lucky stars above
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love

My friends are saying that I've lost my mind
they say I've never been the home-bound kind
But they don't know what I've been dreaming of
Just a home that's filled with love

But let's not mention that four letter word
It's ruined many men, or so I've heard
I'll just give her a home that's safe and sound
And hope she still wants me around

~chorus 2~
Well it is what is, that's true enough
No need to dodge it cause it's all good stuff
It just might bring the thing that I've been dreaming of
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love

We've been friends for years and years
Shared each other's joys and tears
I don't know why it took so long to see
She's been the best thing, ever happened to me!

Perhaps we'll plant a tree for a tire swing
In couple decades it might be the thing
that brings the grand kids back to our place
and keeps a big smile on our face

Those party years are going to fade away
we'll look back together when we're old and gray
Laughing at mistakes we made back in the day
They didn't matter anyway

~chorus 3~
Well it is what is, and it's quite enough
it makes it all worth while when life gets rough
And keeps us grateful to the Lord above
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love
It is what it is, and what it is Is Love
Yes, It is what it is, and what it is Is Love


released February 11, 2016
Darrell Elmer Rodgers - vocals, guitar, slide guitar, synth bass, drum programming.



all rights reserved


Darrell Elmer Rodgers Las Cruces, New Mexico

Darrell Elmer Rodgers is a veteran singer-songwriter. He has been called the Bard of the Baby-Boomers for songs that celebrate his generation's life and times.

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