Everybody Knows

by Darrell Elmer Rodgers

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My Valentine's Day song to my dear bride - 2017! (I do this each year).
My bride has no problem with a "public show of affection". One young friend once said "you two are so cute, you're gross". Well, when I was young, a public smooch might embarrass me. But not anymore! I love my bride with all my heart, I'm proud that our love shows, and I don't mind that Everybody Knows.


Everybody Knows -copyright 2017 Darrell Elmer Rodgers

Every-body-knows, that I love you
Every-body-knows, you love me too
and we don't try to hide
the love we feel inside
We let it shine like a neon sign that glows
And I don't mind that everybody knows

Every-body-knows, how much I need you
Every-body-knows, you need me too
Even strangers that we meet
as we're walking up the street
Say we've got the kind of love that shows
And I don't mind that everybody knows

Some folks choose to keep love on the down low
Maybe they're afraid to let it show
But love is like a song
and if you sing it sweet and strong
your very special someone
just might sing along

Every-body-knows, we're together
Every-body-knows, this team's forever
And as the years go by
this love between you and I
will sweeten like the finest wine that flows
And I don't mind that everybody knows

Yes, as the years go by
this love 'tween you and I
will blossom like the sweetest rose that grows
And I don't mind that everybody knows
No, I don't mind that everybody knows


released February 12, 2017
All music and lyrics by Darrell Elmer Rodgers



all rights reserved


Darrell Elmer Rodgers Las Cruces, New Mexico

Darrell Elmer Rodgers is a veteran singer-songwriter. He has been called the Bard of the Baby-Boomers for songs that celebrate his generation's life and times.

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